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Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust

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Corporate documents library for Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust

Below you will find a variety of different documents that health and social care professionals use to make decisions and support the day to day running of the Trust.

To enable us to meet these and other requirements, the Trust has a comprehensive set of policies covering its activities which give clear guidance as to how those activities should be conducted.

Please note that that any document listed here is the version that is used in our Trust and is the most up to date document.

On the 1st September 2015 the Trust’s responsibilities formally changed and therefore some documents may still refer to an older date or to the organisation as Torbay Care Trust, NHS Devon or Torbay and Southern Devon Health and Care Trust. We are currently in the process of updating all of these documents but whilst this happens we will continue to work to the most recent policy or procedure listed here.

All our patient information leaflets are available on our main website.


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NameClassificationResource Type
Acceptable Behaviour Policy H4Human ResourcesPolicy
Accessible Information PolicyHuman ResourcesPolicy
Achievement Review Policy with formsHuman ResourcesPolicy
Acting Down by ConsultantsHuman ResourcesPolicy
Administration of Medicines in Care HomesCare and Clinical CommunityPolicy
Administration of Medicines in Domiciliary CareCare and Clinical CommunityPolicy
Administration of Medicines in Domiciliary CareCare and Clinical CommunityPolicy
Advisory Appointments Committee (AAC) for Consultant StaffHuman ResourcesPolicy
Alcohol-Use Disorders in Community PolicyCare and Clinical CommunityPolicy
Annual Leave for Consultants and SAS DoctorsHuman ResourcesPolicy
Annual Leave Policy (H31)Human ResourcesPolicy
Antimicrobial Prescribing PolicyCare and Clinical CommunityPolicy
Appointment and Employment of Locum DoctorsHuman ResourcesPolicy
Apprenticeship Policy (HR44)Human ResourcesPolicy
Approved Mental Health PractitionerCare and Clinical TrustwidePolicy
Asbestos PolicyHealth and SafetyPolicy
Assisted Lifting and Response Team (ALRT) in caring for non-injured fallers in the communityCare and Clinical CommunityPolicy
Attendance Policy H33Human ResourcesPolicy
Bed Rail Assessment and Usage (Adults only)Care and Clinical TrustwidePolicy
Blood Borne Virus testing for substance misuse services PolicyCare and Clinical TrustwidePolicy
Bowel Symptoms for Adults- Assessment and Treatment ofCare and Clinical CommunityPolicy
Car Parking Policy Policy
Car Use Subsistence Expenses Policy (H2)Human ResourcesPolicy
Care Act Eligibility for Adults with Care and Support Needs and their Carers in TorbayCare and Clinical CommunityPolicy
Care Programme Approach (CPA)Care and Clinical CommunityPolicy
Career Break Policy (H20)Human ResourcesPolicy
Carers PolicyCare and Clinical TrustwidePolicy
Child Protection Did Not Attend No Access Visits Family Disengagement in Relation to ChildrenCare and Clinical CommunityPolicy
Child Protection PolicyCare and Clinical TrustwidePolicy
Choice Control Risk Enablement PolicyCare and Clinical TrustwidePolicy
Cleaning PolicyHealth and SafetyPolicy
Clincial Audit and Effectiveness PolicyCare and Clinical TrustwidePolicy
Clinical Handover of Care in Community HospitalsCare and Clinical CommunityPolicy
Clinical Management of Substance Misuse in the CommunityCare and Clinical CommunityPolicy
Cold Chain PolicyCare and Clinical CommunityPolicy
Community Hospital Escalation PolicyCare and Clinical CommunityPolicy
Consent Policy (Community)Care and Clinical CommunityPolicy
Continuing Healthcare - Choice Costs and RisksFinancePolicy
Core Training Policy T1Human ResourcesPolicy
Corporate Dress Code and Uniform PolicyCare and Clinical TrustwidePolicy
Dealing with Lost Prescription formCare and Clinical TrustwidePolicy
Delegating of Additional Skills to Final Placement Third Year Student Nurses PolicyCare and Clinical TrustwidePolicy
Dental Sedation (Community) - Torbay and South Devon PolicyCare and Clinical CommunityPolicy
Determining Suitability for a Telephone Review AssessmentCare and Clinical CommunityPolicy
Diabetes - Pre Loading of Insulin SyringesCare and Clinical CommunityPolicy
Discharge from HospitalCare and Clinical TrustwidePolicy
Disciplinary Policy (H1)Human ResourcesPolicy
Display Screen Equipment (DSE)Health and SafetyPolicy
Diversity and Inclusion Policy (ED1)Human ResourcesPolicy
Domestic - Sexual Abuse and Violence Policy (WB3)Human ResourcesPolicy
Electrical Safety PolicyHealth and SafetyPolicy
Electronic Cigarette Management PolicyHealth and SafetyPolicy
Employability PolicyHuman ResourcesPolicy
End of Life Education Strategy for Torbay and South DevonCare and Clinical TrustwidePolicy
Equipment Provision To Care Homes Policy 2017Care and Clinical CommunityPolicy
Falls Prevention PolicyCare and Clinical TrustwidePolicy
Female Genital Mutilation FGMCare and Clinical TrustwidePolicy
Flexible Working Policy (H27)Human ResourcesPolicy
Fraud and Bribery Prevention PolicyIntegrated GovernancePolicy
Gifts and Hospitality PolicyIntegrated GovernancePolicy
Grievance PolicyHuman ResourcesPolicy
Grievance Policy (HR01)Human ResourcesPolicy
Hand Hygiene Strategy and PolicyCare and Clinical TrustwidePolicy
Health and Safety PolicyHealth and SafetyPolicy
Hepatitis B Immunisation for Adults exposed to an increased risk of infection PolicyCare and Clinical CommunityPolicy
Honorary Emeritus Status for Retiring Consultant StaffHuman ResourcesPolicy
Improving Performance Policy (H17)Human ResourcesPolicy
Incident Reporting and Management PolicyCare and Clinical TrustwidePolicy
Inclement Weather Policy (H7)Human ResourcesPolicy
Infant Feeding PolicyCare and Clinical CommunityPolicy
Injectable Medicines Policy for Registered ProfessionalsCare and Clinical CommunityPolicy
Integrated primary and secondary heart failure service, Service ModelCare and Clinical TrustwidePolicy
Job Evaluation Policy (H11)Human ResourcesPolicy
Keysafe Policy & PIN NumbersCare and Clinical CommunityPolicy
Leavers ProcedureHuman ResourcesPolicy
Linen Laundry PolicyHealth and SafetyPolicy
Lone Worker PolicyHealth and SafetyPolicy
Management of Care and Clinical and Non Clinical Documents PolicyIntegrated GovernancePolicy
Manual Handling PolicyHealth and SafetyPolicy
Maternity Paternity and Adoption Leave Policy (No.11)Human ResourcesPolicy
Medical and Dental Joint Local Negotiating Committee Constitution and Term of ReferenceHuman ResourcesPolicy
Medical Devices Management PolicyCare and Clinical CommunityPolicy
Medicine Administration Records (MAR) in Care Homes and Dom CareCare and Clinical CommunityPolicy
Medicine box for the storage of methadone and other prescribed medicationCare and Clinical CommunityPolicy
Medicines Administration Records (MAR) in Care Homes and Dom CareCare and Clinical CommunityPolicy
Medicines Policy for Registered ProfessionalsCare and Clinical CommunityPolicy
Medicines Policy for Skilled not Registered StaffCare and Clinical CommunityPolicy
Mental Capacity Act 2005 and Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards Training strategy 2018Care and Clinical TrustwidePolicy
Misuse of Alcohol Drugs other Substances (WB4)Human ResourcesPolicy
Mobile Phone PolicyManagement of InformationPolicy
Mortality DashboardCare and Clinical TrustwidePolicy
Mortality Review PolicyCare and Clinical TrustwidePolicy
MSK Physiotherapy Services Access PolicyCare and Clinical TrustwidePolicy
Nasogastric Tubes (NGT) and the safe administration of feed and medicines via enteral routes.Care and Clinical TrustwidePolicy
NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding & Funded Nursing Care PolicyCare and Clinical TrustwidePolicy
NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding & Funded Nursing Care PolicyCare and Clinical TrustwidePolicy
NHS Injury Allowance Policy (H3)Human ResourcesPolicy
NICE Implementation PolicyCare and Clinical TrustwidePolicy
Nursing and Midwifery RevalidationCare and Clinical TrustwidePolicy
On Call PolicyHuman ResourcesPolicy