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Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust

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Corporate documents library for Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust

Below you will find a variety of different documents that health and social care professionals use to make decisions and support the day to day running of the Trust.

To enable us to meet these and other requirements, the Trust has a comprehensive set of policies covering its activities which give clear guidance as to how those activities should be conducted.

Please note that that any document listed here is the version that is used in our Trust and is the most up to date document.

On the 1st September 2015 the Trust’s responsibilities formally changed and therefore some documents may still refer to an older date or to the organisation as Torbay Care Trust, NHS Devon or Torbay and Southern Devon Health and Care Trust. We are currently in the process of updating all of these documents but whilst this happens we will continue to work to the most recent policy or procedure listed here.

All our patient information leaflets are available on our main website.


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NameClassificationResource Type
Archiving and Destruction ProcedureIntegrated GovernanceProcedure
Business Continuity for Governance Meetings SOPProvider Strategic and GovernanceProcedure
Confined Space ManagementHealth and SafetyProcedure
Contractor Management ProcedureHealth and SafetyProcedure
COSHH ProcedureHealth and SafetyProcedure
Display Screen Equipment ProcedureHealth and SafetyProcedure
First Aid Management ProcedureHealth and SafetyProcedure
Health and Safety Risk Assessments ProcedureHealth and SafetyProcedure
Hepatitis B Immunisation ordering receipt record keeping Procedure (Substance misuse service)Care and Clinical TrustwideProcedure
Information Governance ProceduresManagement of InformationProcedure
Inpatient Diabetes Foot Care PathwayCare and Clinical TrustwideProcedure
Job Evaluation Policy (H11) - Procedure for Job Evaluation of New Posts and Re-evaluation of Existing PostsHuman ResourcesProcedure
Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment ManagmentHealth and SafetyProcedure
Management of Health and Safety for Young Persons and Work ExperienceHealth and SafetyProcedure
Management of Liquid NitrogenHealth and SafetyProcedure
Management of Violent and Abusive Individuals and Risk of Violence Marker ProceduresHealth and SafetyProcedure
New and Expectant Mothers Risk Assessment ProcedureHealth and SafetyProcedure
Permit to Work ProcedureHealth and SafetyProcedure
Personal Files ProcedureHuman ResourcesProcedure
QUESTT (Quality and Effectivness Trigger Tool Escalation Procedure)Care and Clinical TrustwideProcedure
Rapid Discharge - Patients in the last few days of lifeCare and Clinical TrustwideProcedure
Requests for Information ProcedureManagement of InformationProcedure
Sharps Management ProcedureHealth and SafetyProcedure
Trust Security ProcedureHealth and SafetyProcedure
Visitors' Policy and CharterCare and Clinical TrustwideProcedure
Water Cooler And Vending Machine ManagementHealth and SafetyProcedure
Workplace Health and Safety Audit ProcedureHealth and SafetyProcedure